Greg Gelnette - January 15, 2023

Jesus People

Jesus People

Jesus of Nazareth's ministry years were marked by compassion and healing, as evidenced by the many miracles he performed. He healed all who were sick, demon-possessed, epileptic, paralyzed, and even those with leprosy, demonstrating his willingness to reach out to the outcast and broken. Pastor Greg Gelnette draws from the lesson of the Healing of the Lepper in Matthew 8:2-4 to encourage us to tear down the walls of division and judgement and welcome all as Jesus did with compassion and reach out to the hurting and broken. View the Clip

Scripture References: John 21:25, Matthew 8:2-24, Matthew 9:36, John 20:21, Acts 10:38, Matthew 8:16, Matthew 4:24

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