Not So Random Kindness

Not So Random Kindness

Goal: Hope Through You
Theme: Generosity
Difficulty: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (6/10)

Today’s challenge is a 6/10.

It’s not hard, but it will require a little bit of thought and effort.

It’s this: perform at least one act of generous kindness.

Now, I know, the first thought that comes to your mind is probably, “Oh, they want me to pay for a stranger’s coffee at Starbucks.”

And you can, that’s fine.  

But in order to maximize the hope, I encourage you to think beyond that.  Take a couple of minutes and dream up some ways you can really care for someone- whether you choose to bless a stranger or someone in your life!

Can you say an encouraging word?  
Pray with someone who’s struggling?  
Buy them a gift card and write them a note?
Offer to buy dinner and bring it over, or watch the kids while they go out?
Go over and above for someone who’s normally overlooked, like a server at a restaurant?

Make your plan, carve out the time to give your money and/or attention, and let’s shower our community with not so random acts of generosity today!

Easter Devotional

What is the 21 Days of Hope?

This is a 21 Day challenge our church is doing leading up to Easter that you are going to love. We believe God is going to use these three weeks to both bring hope to you and bring hope through you! It’s going to grow your faith and show others see the difference God can make in their life!

Starting on March 20th, you’ll recieve an e-mail with that day’s devotional, which will iclude the following:

  • Either a “Hope To You” or a “Hope Through You” action step. 
  • A theme: Devotional, Share Your Faith Story, Social, Generosity, Minister
  • And a difficulty rating of that step

Each day the goals are designed to help you and others experience God’s love in some way. Some things will involve your social media or texting and others involve sharing your faith story. The idea over the next 3 weeks is to help your friends, family, and acquaintances see how amazing God is! 

Think of it like we’re all going on a digital missions trip together as a church. We believe this will have a huge impact on our area as we all jump on board. 


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