Peoples Young Adults

How do you know Jesus was Real? How Can you trust the Bible, when the Gospels have inconsistencies? Is there any historical evidence that Jesus existed? If you or your friends have ever asked these questions, or you just want to be ready to answer them when they come up, you are invited to join us for our new Young Adults group at Peoples Church!  We’ll be meeting at 7pm on Saturdays. We’re starting off with at 10 week study that will answer those questions and more, with Person of Interest by Detective J. Warrner Wallace, a Cold Case detective in California.  In Person of Interest, Det. Wallace walks us through the investigation of a no-body Homicide, which he was able to bring to trial, and win a conviction. Then, he shows how the same techniques can be used to show that Jesus not only existed, but is vital to our world today.

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Sep 30 2023


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm